What is new about new media?

No matter how much the new media has changed society, meanings, users, despite all the connectedness, interrelatedness or networking we all experience day by day, we somehow do not believe that this is really the case. Although all the theories about the self being just a place in a complex network that gains meaning from the network, we do not easily give up the image of a fixed, self-identified self or we do not take the responsibility for all the consequences of fluid, interchangeable identities. We know in theory that we are residents of a global village, but we do not act in accord with that. Perhaps the new media is still new because we, the users, are the old ones.

“The new media shall never stop to be new” – affirms Katalin Fehér in her article about the zoom interference model of new media. This means that new media constantly defies reliable, eternal definitions, forcing us to find the grips that give the current frames for current meaning.

This time, however, we do not invite our conference participants to look for frameworks, but rather we would like to invite those who are frustrated or helpfully affected by the volatility, renewal, and trends of new media to explore the unstable, the unpredictable, the fluid, ever-new component(s).